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Dreamed I was playing a Terminator game, except the game was in real life. I was controlling one to fight another, but the start of the fight wasn’t really fair because we could chase each other around a room, and practice punches on each other before the real fight ever began. When I was finally ready, I found it was hard to get my terminator to a safe place before the fight started. Then suddenly the fight began without me telling it to start. So the other robot starts beating the hell out of mine, and then mine falls on the floor and starts crying. The other one asks if mine surrenders, and mine says yes. It seems they were coming to a truce, but then the other one laughs and tries to escape out into the real world to find ME. I tried to escape from him for a minute before I realized it was a dream and just woke myself up.

Ugh, sometimes I hate dreams.

Thoughts, once again.

I have the feeling to share things with everyone. And this is always a dangerous feeling to have.

I’m just finding myself getting frustrated with the amount of thoughts floating around in my head, and I want to put them ~somewhere, but where do thoughts go but out into the universe?

I’m concerned with the well being of people who I’m not as close to as I’d like to be. I’m completely indifferent to the emotions of people who I actually know personally, erring on the side of amused, even. I’m confident with one guy, nervous and insecure with another. Ridiculous, considering the one I’m nervous about is the only one I really like.  I’m keeping one of my closest friends at an arms length indefinitely because I haven’t known her long enough. What is long enough?

I don’t trust you. Yes you, reading this. Writing to everyone effectively = writing to no one, therefore giving me control over what I get to reveal. One on one conversations are my biggest fear, oddly.

I had no cares in the 1990s, I knew of no downfalls.

So there’s my word vomit. Got my feelings out without really saying anything. That’s how it’s supposed to work, isn’t it?